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Midnight City Tarot Deck
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Midnight City Tarot Deck

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Introducing the successful Kickstarter campaign, the Midnight City Tarot: a vibrant, modern deck inspired by The Fool's journey through New York City. Based on a reimagined traditional 78-card tarot system, this uniquely metropolitan twist of hand-illustrated cards bring the magic of the big city into the palm of your hand.

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Featuring art that breaks the borders and extends beyond the binary, this welcoming candy-colored deck invites you to imagine yourself and the people in your life within each of the cards with an approachable style that makes this deck great for beginners and seasoned readers alike. The detailed scenes depicted on every card convey their meaning, making it effortless to pick up this deck and receive messages on day one.

midnight city tarot display of inside of box

You'll find subway sign card titles on every card to help you traverse through Midnight City, with each suit color-coded as if it were the MTA.

For additional support, each deck comes with a guidebook that provides an overview of the art, the meanings of the cards, as well as their locations within The City.

Created by a New Yorker, the Midnight City Tarot deck is full of iconic landmarks, as well as scenes of city life further off the beaten path. This deck is meant to feel like a day in the life of a New York City witch, so whether you live in New York City currently, dream of moving there someday, or maybe you lived there in a past life, this deck will help bring New York's unique magic to you, no matter where you are.

    This first edition of the deck comes with:

    • A fully illustrated two-piece rigid box for safe keeping
    • 78 cards, 4¾ x 7¾ inches, printed on 310 GSM linen paper stock
    • Fully illustrated two-part rigid box for safe keeping

    • 84 pages, 4¼ x 7 inches, fully designed and in full color
    • Illustrations clearly displayed above corresponding information
    • Lays flat for easy use
    • Index of useful terms
    • Made in the US