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Pacific Northwest Tarot Deck by Brendan Marnell Pentacles
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Pacific Northwest Tarot Deck - AVAILABLE NOW

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Artist Description:

"The Pacific Northwest by Brendan Marnell contains multitudes. Mountainsides rise to snow covered peaks or eruption-scarred calderas. A seemingly endless coastline connects the land with the ocean. Redwoods reach skyward in temperate rainforests. Silvery rivers wend through arid desert basins that give way to grasslands painted in wildflowers. It’s a bioregion of staggering diversity – a microcosm of the Earth.

The 78 cards of the tarot complement the Pacific Northwest in richness and variation. The tarot explores the deep ocean of the subconscious and the clear-sighted peaks of conscious thought. It revels in lush forests of success and struggles through parched deserts of defeat. It deals in death, and cycles of rebirth, and all the in-between moments of growth that make up life.

This deck is my own reconciling of these two reflections of the universe. It is my associations, interpretations, and connections between an ecosystem and an esoteric system.

Each card in the Pacific Northwest Tarot depicts a plant or animal found in the region. They were selected through a combination of research and intuition. Many are native species; others are transplants, or migratory, or (in one case) invasive.

The cards in this deck follow fairly typical tarot names, titles, and suits. I drew all imagery in the Pacific Northwest Tarot by hand, using the iPad app Procreate. All numbers and text were hand-lettered.

The guidebook will be a little over 100 pages and fit snugly inside the box with the deck. For each card, the guidebook identifies the species selected and includes a short interpretation of the meaning of the card. Each card also includes a short piece of fiction that sheds light on the connection between the species and the tarot card it occupies.

The guidebook will contain more of the story and inspiration behind the deck and three original tarot spreads inspired by the Pacific Northwest."



  • 78-card deck of standard size 2.75” x 4.75” on 350 GSM stock with a Smooth matte finish
  • Painted edges
  • Hand-drawn digital artwork with hand-lettered numbers and titles


  • 100+ pages
  • Perfect Bound
  • Short fiction of each card
  • Tarot card size


  • Clamshell construction
  • Magnetic flap
  • Printed inside and out