Embroidered Graveyard Oracle Deck spread of cards
Embroidered Graveyard Oracle Deck 3 card spread
Embroidered Graveyard Oracle Deck spread with clear quartz sphere

Embroidered Graveyard Oracle Deck - AVAILABLE NOW!

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Artist Description:

The Embroidered Graveyard Oracle by Alicia Vamvoukakis has been intentionally created to be a tool for shadow work and confronting our fear of death. Consider this deck a comforting night light for the soul. Yes we’re going to traverse the darkness, but we don’t have to do it alone or without tools. The deck features the art style of hand embroidery and uses this cozy style to get comfortable in the uncomfortable---what it is to take a breath and look death in the eye.

This deck is Alicia’s love letter to Crone Goddesses and Death matrons throughout the world. It celebrates the light and shadow of the typical and atypical feminine archetype, and the joy and security that can be found when we stop and look within to meet our true selves.

Embroidered Graveyard Oracle Deck stitched hoop crow's eye view

This deck comforts the reader through the ups and downs of life and aims to allow them to call back their power; no longer living in fear’s shadow. Knowing we are mortal is a superpower, we can use this knowledge and decide to take action now, achieving huge bold lives that bring us lasting contentment and existential peace. 

The much loved Embroidered Graveyard Oracle deck is also available to purchase alone or with The Embroidered Forest Tarot deck.


  • 64 cards oracle deck featuring hand-embroidered designs, photographed and edited to become cards
  • 350 gsm cardstock
  • Silk (semi-matte) lamination
  • Holographic rose gold foil border detail on the front of every card
  • Reversible planchette design also foiled in the same way
  • Holographic rose gold gilded edges
  • Full A5 sized guidebook. Highly detailed and packed with rituals, spells and spreads that all use the cards 
  • Deck is programmable to allow or disable communication with spirits, can also be used like any oracle to divine or for introspection 
  • Magnetic close hard box with Holo rose gold detailing
  • Surprise card called Community only available on kickstarter/1st edition