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Literary Tarot Deck the world card
Literary Tarot Deck the world judgement
Literary Tarot Deck the king of quills and queen of ink card
Literary Tarot Deck the king of parchment and seven of light card

Literary Tarot Deck

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Publisher Description:

Pairing each tarot card with literary characters who embody the meaning of the arcana, we brought this library of secrets to life. The deck will feature the complete set of all 78 tarot cards, illustrated with a stunning, limited palette and gold-foil accents.

Like any story, the meaning unfolds as its characters interact—with each other, with the whims of fate, with obstacles in their paths. The meaning behind your tarot reading unravels like these plots; the story of our past, present, and future unfolding as each new card is drawn, chapter by chapter, revealing the course of our lives.

The cards will be 2.75” x 4.75”, printed on premium heavyweight stock and inlaid with foil on both sides. 

Like any great story, the meaning behind your tarot reading unfolds like an intricately written plot, chapter by chapter, card by card. Although the big narrator in the sky helps these stories along, no hero would turn down a trusty map to illuminate their way

Thus, each deck will come with a lovely mini guidebook. In its pages, you’ll find the meaning of each tarot card, written through the lens of its literary pairing by the amazing wordsmith who took up its mantle! 

We know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we couldn’t fathom shoving these magical cards into some measly cardboard box. These beauties hold the magic of each turned page, secrets radiating from the foil-sparkled chapters. So where do great stories belong?

Literary Tarot Deck book Box

In a book, of course! Thus, this 78-card deck and the accompanying mini guidebook will all fit inside this magical tome, held together with a magnetic lock to keep all your literary secrets safe.


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