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ocean deck tarot cards king of swords featuring a shark jumping out of water with sword in teeth and the hierophant card that features a dolphin jumping from wanter and standing between two pillars while two dolphins look up at it from the water.
Additional mock-ups: The Star, Judgement, Eight of Cups, Six of Pentacles, The Empress
Mockups for the page of pentacles (beluga whale), The Magician (cuttlefish), Seven of pentacles (deep sea vents with tube worms), Ten of wands (pajama striped squid), Three of wands (bioluminescent squid), Knight of wands (nautilus)

The Ocean Tarot Deck

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The Ocean Tarot Deck by Taylor Hultquist-Todd.


From the artist:

"My first attempts at (what I deemed) to be serious art were variations on sharks. I pored over a small guidebook from a book fair, copying each unique snout and jaw. I spent forever making sure that their dorsal fins were properly notched, each eye was placed correctly and dotted with the perfect highlight.  My repertoire grew to include dolphins - I drew them everywhere, ritually adding a tiny dolphin at the end of my middle school signature. Eventually, I devoted a wall of my room to a full mural of ocean life, dutifully adding the sharks and dolphins I had committed to memory.

Around the same time I was getting deep into marine biology, I was also nourishing my spooky side - my obsession with tarot is about as old as mine with the sea, but it never crossed my mind to make a tarot deck about the ocean. It felt too nebulous to capture in even 78 different ways. It's genuinely dizzying at times how rich in life the oceans are, leading to a few scrapped attempts at more refined tarots - cephalopod, cetacean, deep-sea, arctic and tropical, invertebrate, even sea monsters and lore. 

In the end, I had to select a few personal favorites and try my best to include a thoughtful variety of sea life...  

 ... To wrap up this great bit of rambling and hopefully make a point: the ocean is an immense and incredible biome that we're lucky enough to share a planet with. This tarot was truly a joy to work on - from research to final illustration. I hope that this deck can pass on a sense of awe and curiosity, and as a way to make this more accessible I will be offering a PDF with every tier. This PDF will be a full color booklet explaining each card in depth, including facts about each creature or scene.

AND, FINALLY! Booklets! ...There will also be a booklet included with the Ocean tarot."


  • 1 qty 78-card full-color Tarot Deck and matching box
  • 1 qty guidebook
  • Cards measure 2.76 x 4.7inches (70x120mm)
  • Printed on high quality 350gsm paper
  • Gold foil edging