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Embroidered Forest Tarot deck spread of cards the tower, strength, empress, lovers
Embroidered Forest tarot deck silver card edges

Embroidered Forest Tarot Deck - AVAILABLE NOW!

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Artist Description:

The Embroidered Forest depicts hand-embroidered art of wildlife creatures in calming teals and greens by Alicia Vamvoukakis, photographed and made into a usable deck. 

  • 🦊 Foxes are the wands, for their vibrant color and quick actions
  • 🐝 Bees are the swords, for the little swords they carry through the air
  • 🦢 Swans are the cups, for how they glide beautifully upon waters surface
  • 🐰 Rabbits are the pentacles, for their ability to live in complete harmony under and within the earth

Soothe anxiety by walking in an enchanted embroidered forest, this deck is soft and comforting.

The much loved Embroidered Forest Tarot deck gets an upgrade and is available to purchase alone or with The Embroidered Graveyard Oracle deck.


  • 78 cards following the Rider Waite Smith system of Tarot; all featuring hand embroidered designs, photographed and edited to become cards.
  • Pipped (simplified) Minor arcana
  • 350 gsm cardstock
  • Silk (semi-matte) lamination
  • Holographic silver foil details on front and back of every card
  • Holographic silver gilded card edges
  • Softcover guidebook with holographic silver detailing and new reversible meanings added. Fits into box
  • Reversible logo on card backs
  • Removal of white borders
  • Holographic silver foil crowns added to Queens and Kings of each suit
  • Magnetic close box with holographic silver foil details